Amazing testimonial

Very honoured and so happy I was able to connect and make such a difference to tanya's lifestyle.

Its very rewarding when you are able to make such a positive difference in someones life- especially when it comes to health; I believe its number 1!

Hear what she has to say... Shel make you laugh, she's pretty funny!!

"Being honest first up - if you do what Lia says you can achieve anything you want and she will help you every step of the way. If you cheat, make excuses and are not honest with yourself or Lia, you will fail.

I joined a gym on 1st January as I wanted a change in my exercise routine and I wanted to lose weight. I was running 70kms a week but found myself putting on weight and it was depressing and frustrating. I started going to the gym 6 days a week and in the first month I saw results in my fitness and strength but I didn't lose any weight on the scales. I knew of the theory "muscle weighs more than fat" but I was still revolted at what my body looked like.

I saw an advert from Lia for her personal training and booked an appointment. It was the best decision I made. From the first session I felt looked after and loved! Sounds a bit sentimental, but when you are trying to change, having someone really care about you encourages you to stay motivated. Now 5 months later I have maintained my goal weight for 2 months, and during the first 3 months I lost over 10kgs, lost 63cms of fat and reduced my BMI by 10%. I feel happy with my body for the first time in a long time. I know I would not have achieved these results without Lia's advice and by following her eating plan.

Lia put me on a very low-carb eating plan and at first it was a shock, as I love carbs - face it, carbs make us happy (and fat). But she helped me look at food as fuel, not eating to make myself happy. So I started to enjoy my new way of eating and I got creative with what I would cook. I am not going to lie, you will eat a lot of broccoli... but again, what Lia says works if you want it bad enough, and there are plenty of broccoli memes to add some humor to it. Once you start, the results happen fast! What Lia says works and it makes sense, all you need is will power and the motivation to change. Thoughts of "one piece of toast won't matter, Lia won't know, this is too hard, I need lots of carbs for energy, I can't live without bread, I need chocolate".... is all setting you up for failure. Commit 24/7 and you will see change fast.

The personal way Lia's cares too made me feel at ease to be honest about what food I did enjoy so she could offer alternates or suggest a way to incorporate them on the one treat meal (I named Saturday Night Fun Food) to still enjoy those things but not to undo my hard work.. Her meal plan is also practical, it does mean being organized and planning ahead, but it is sustainable long-term. Now in maintenance mode, I have a bit more flexibility, but for the majority I still follow Lia's guide and this balance keeps me happy and prevents my weight yoyo-ing, which always results in putting on weight.

Lia is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Over the months I saw her for personal training, I never once felt like a client. As well as being a highly knowledgeable professional she is kind, caring and thoughtful. She is also energetic, encouraging, inspiring and motivating. Her amazing fit, strong, lean body is an inspiration to just keep on going! I was able to text or email her updates on how I was going and how I was feeling and this was a really personal touch to my journey, knowing she was so approachable and responsive and she cared how I was feeling.

Lia's training works if you are honest and accountable to both yourself and Lia. She can only help you if you are willing to be vulnerable. When I started with Lia I told her my weight, body measurements and sent her photos and whilst it felt very uncomfortable to be so open (especially sending fat photos), it helped Lia write my exercise and food programs effectively and it also enabled her to be excited for my progress, which in turn rewarded me by her praise.

If you hate the way your body looks, Lia will help you change it. I remember the first session when she said "body sculpting was possible" and I felt so excited that I wouldn't have masses of side-boob hanging over my bra forever... and i don't anymore! I would recommend Lia to anyone who wants to love their body again and has the determination to follow her advice. You won't regret it".


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