Staying healthy & eating out

It’s easy to keep a healthy routine until you've got dinner or lunch planned with friends on the weekend, or a lunch planned with your colleagues.

But hey... what’s life without going out and eating delicious foods? But if you go out often... Its good to just be mindful of what your eating. As you can quite easily clock up calories in just one meal!

One of my favourite fitness quotes is “Abs are made in the kitchen” Im sure you’ve heard this saying many times before and for good reason! It’s the TRUTH!

You can do all the crunches you want but if you are carrying around extra body fat around your belly, then you wont be able to see the abdominals underneath.

Reducing overall body fat is key! For best results combine eating healthy nutritious foods consistently with cardio & HITT/ Circuit training (anything that gets your heart rate up)

Its about making healthier life choices consistently over time, something you can stick to... theres no quick fixes! And you still have to live...

Healthy take away foods!?

Yep! they really exist...

Here are some of my healthy choices and some healthy tips...

Remember to consider portion control… It’s a must if weight loss is your ultimate goal.

Japanese- Sashimi, brown rice sushi, Adaname beans & Japanese restaurants usually have fresh green salads.

Thai- Steamed veggies, steamed fish, stir-fry's with lots if veggies.

Pub food- Steak or grilled fish & salad or veggies (you know you can ask for no fries...) Just ask for extra salad!

Here is one of my favourite go to places at the moment Nude Fish Poke

They make it in front of you- its amazing and very fresh... I love to be creative and build my own bowl! They use only sustainable Australian seafood, free range poultry and biodynamic tofu. And they make all of their sauces and pickles in house their menu is 100% gluten and dairy free.