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"Biozet Attack" TOUGH MUDDER Official Laundry Partner

The heading says it all if you ask me...

What laundry detergent would take on the toughest cleaning conditions EVER???

I mean we're not talking a grass stain or a splash of mud- we're talking head to toe mud!

On your hands and knees crawling your way out of mud. Gripping your toes to try and keep your shoes on while pulling your legs out of knee deep trenches. Ive never seen so much mud!

They sure had a pretty big statement to guarantee...

Thousands of people did the Tough Mudder here in Sydney on Nov the 19th- It was amazing!!! Everyone left with not 1 but 2 Biozet attack products, everyone would be going home reading their main slogan

"COMPLETE CLEAN FIRST TIME. EVERY TIME" A great way to have the good word spread if you ask me.

I personally have done lots of tough Mudder's before and just ended up throwing out my clothes, I was prepared to do it again... On the day, I realised one of my Brigaders had a new pair of nikes on!!! I was like whhaaaatttt???? As I was worried she wouldn't be able to wear them again. Then I saw another Brigader who had just done the Melbourne Tough Mudder, she said she had worn her new trainers too and how she'd just put them in the wash.

They seriously looked brand new... I was like WOW!!!!

I used Biozet Attack to wash my gear after Tough Mudder and I can honestly say that I had the same results! I was very honoured to represent such an amazing brand and take my Brigaders through Tough Mudder and get through clean! ;)

We all had so much fun!

From now its my go to product for washing my gear. As a personal trainer and living a fast pace life, it really can take a beating on your clothes. I highly recommend Biozet Attack Laundry Products as the results are amazing and its a great way to extend the life of your clothes. Another one of their quotes is "Live life not Laundry"

Check out their extensive range