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TomTom Touch review

What time is it?! Let me check my #tomtomtouch

Killing it with my step count- great to see how far you've walked in a day.

It monitors your heart rate- monitors your sleep... Pretty cool.

But the really amazing feature the tomtom has; it can tell you your body composition- what percentage your fat & muscle is. This feature has been on scales for a while- pretty amazing to see how technology has developed to experience it from a band & by just placing your index finger on the top sensor. Seems to be pretty accurate to me too! I better get moving!!!

Everything is logged and Synced to my tomtom ap on my phone- I'm finding it to be quite addictive actually! After the week end of testing everything seems to be very accurate & Im really happy with it!! I'll give another review by the end of the week!

So far so good... highly recommend the @tomtomsports sports band! Very easy to set up & easy touch screen & love the simple design.

Cant wait to get moving tomorrow- but first lets see how solid my sleep is tonight.