Here's a stylish alternative to plastic bottles,,. In LOVE with my IBIZA bottle by Caye Life.

Love my IBIZA bottle from Caye Life... Wow... I could just keep staring at it... well, it certainly reminds you to keep drinking your water...

Check out there range of cool colours!

They not only look AMAZING but they are insulated to keep your water chilled up to 24hrs or warm for 12!

But most importantly.... I am extremely passionate about supporting such an important cause; By contributing change and supporting this sustainable water bottle.

We need to stop producing so much rubbish...!!! Over 97% of the scientific community is in complete agreement we are contributing to climate change. To deny that your not a part of the modern world, you don't believe in modern science or facts... Did you know a plastic bottle lasts up to 450 years!! And the increase of urbanisation and population is impacting increased pollution and climate change.

There's a simple alternative to bottled water: buying a stainless steel thermos- if you don't like the way your local water tastes? Inexpensive carbon filters will turn most tap water sparkling fresh at a fraction of bottled water cost. (In Australian bottled water costs between $1- $4 per bottle- tap water costs less than $0.01.