Here’s Exactly What 5 Of Bondi’s Most Shredded PTs Eat In A Day

Breakfast: I’m always in a hurry and rush out the door in the mornings. I can’t start my day without my English breakfast tea… And I usually grab a small portion of my pre-cooked frittata I make over the weekend. Lately I’ve been making a roast vegetable one including broccoli, capsicum & zucchini. The other one I make is leek, spinach and salmon and they’re both delicious and make for an easy and quick breakfast.

Snack: I usually have a body science protein shake it keeps me full and helps me manage my sweet tooth. You can make with water or coconut water and add your favourite fruits and vegetables for added fiber and flavour.

Lunch: Even through winter I just love a big healthy and nutritious salad. I usually have pre-cooked salmon rissoles or san choy bow and wrap it in iceberg lettuce cups. I’m always in a rush so I rely on my pre-cooked meals.

Snack: I usually have either a homemade protein ball, some strawberries & cashews or a bowl of steamed broccoli & lemon

This amazing meal is from one of my favourite cafes in Sydney! All they have are healthy options- as a Ceoliac its not what can i have from the menu- but its too hard to choose, theres too much choice.

So there you have it, folks. It’s safe to say protein and plenty of water come out on top, time and time again.