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Nike Women’s  N+TC Tour finally made its way to Sydney on Saturday!

The day was soooo impressive! it was a whole day event introducing a variety of workouts from spin, circuit, dance, boxing to Pilates; any athlete at any fitness level could join in.

I can definitely say I’ve never had a workout experience like it, talk about a high energy environment! NIKE you sure took it to another level…

It kinda felt like I was in Katy Perry's California girls film clip…

If you’re a girl that loves Nike and has a passion for fitness like I do…

Yeah the day was kinda surreal!

The location for the event was perfect down at darling wharf in Pyrmont. As you waked around the boardwalk they thought of everything from cool social media hubs, beauty stations where you could have your nails painted and your hair braided. There were massage stations, cool looking white lounge areas with funky cushions- the set up looked amazing.

I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to have a VIP experience.

The VIP media area us girls got to go to before and In between workouts was amazing… We even had our own NIKE lockers with our names on it, and inside we were provided with a whole new Nike outfit. We were provided with amazing fresh food which was constantly being brought out- it was SO cool. Ssssshhhh we even got a glass of shampagne at the end of the day.

What an amazing fitness experience and to see women brought together expanding vision, inspiration and camaraderie raising our fitness community it was just pretty amazing.

Hey! Your nike tour doesn't have to stop here! you can continue to stay on track and stay inspired by following programs by downloading the Nike+Training App or the Nike Running App.