Over the silly season its hard, and you've probably cheated the diet- dont worry, it happens! Willpower can take a bit of a rest...

But after a couple of those... Youre probably not feeling the best...

Oh well... theres nothing you can do aboout the past, get over it and get back on track with good habits! If you have a christmas due on... dont worry- get back on track and stay positive, dont put yourself down, just focus on enjoying eating clean again.

Here is a bit of a guide to keep the christmas buldge away! Theres 10days till christmas now so you may even loose a couple of kilos if you follow these principles!



8-10 glasses of water each day

No flour, sugar, no bread, no processed foods, no pasta or rice & limit your intake on fruit. Fruits that are ok are strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, watermeon & rockmelon.

Try and limit your dairy intake, its wise to keep them to a minimum. Dairy can slow weight loss as dairy is lactose and turns to lactase inside your body ie. carbohydrate. Do not go over the following allowance per day. 1/2 cup... But try and have some dairy free days...


(any of the foods permited, because they are protein)

Bacon, ham, chicken, smoked salmon, eggs, low carb cereal (in my recipes) omeles (in my recipes) low fat yogurt and berries, protein shake blended with berries.


Meat, poultry, seafood (no bread crumbs or batter).

Vegetables or salad, any of these options are permited- Broccoli, cabbage, spinach, beans, snow peas, 1sml tomato, shallots, parsley, onion, mushrooms, capsicum, cucumber, 1sml carrot.

(Avoid potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and peas- as they have a high carb content).


Its important to not get hungry, so between meals if you need a snack- snack on protein. Hard boiled eggs, chicken, sliced ham or turkey.

(This is not a calorie-controlled diet- it works totally differently. It's carbohydrates that were trying to limit.

If youre looking for something try a low carb jelly, berries, or a protein shake.

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