How many times per week should I exercise for best results?

It all depends on each individual and their goals, but to see a serious change in your body shape or fitness, you should aim for six times per week.

And make sure to enjoy that rest day! All workouts dont need to be high intensity, you just need to mix cardio, conditioning and weight training to get best results.

If your goal is for weight loss, you should schedule two to three high intensity cardio workouts in-like; metabolic circuits, boxing, cardio intervals or high volume weights.

Combine the higher intensity workouts with another two or three medium intensity workouts only using 60-80% of your maximum heart rate- like; a cruisy jog, yoga, light circuit.

Rememeber its not all about exercise- you can't out-train a bad diet!

Make sure you not only eat clean but drink clean, too. That means limit your coffee, sweet drinks and saying no to alcohol.