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Adrenaline Pumping Circuit

Adrenaline Pumping Circuit

Warm Up- 5-10mins

Circuit Protocol

Go through 9 exercises- You can make these any exercise to what you have available to you being at a park gym or home.

First exercise 1min round- 10 sec rest-

Then in-between do 10 burpes, 10 squat jumps, 10 alternating or jump lunges-

then stay at the same exercise and do it for 30 seconds.

Now move to the next exercise Drop down the reps of burpes, squat jumps and lunges by one after completing each different exercise. Complete the whole circuit and record your time- and try beat it next time...


Push Ups- 10,10,10 Burpes, Squat Jumps, Jump Lundges.

Box jumps- (make sure to use momentum of arms to drive body up). 9,9,9

Plank- 8,8,8

Sit ups 7,7,7

Skipping 6,6,6

Squat and shoulder press 5,5,5

Jumping jacks 4,4,4

Russian Twist 3,3,3

Up-climber 2,2,2