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Bring on 2014

The new year is here!

It's a time to set new year resolutions, visualize your goals and achieve them.

You may already have some ideas in mind, otherwise its probably a good idea to set some realistic resolutions, especially with diet and exercise goals since sometimes they are the hardest to keep.

What is it that you really want? You have to be absolutely clear about your goal and be realistic. What kind of future would excite, move and inspire you? How would you like to look and feel?

Plan your goal, take action!

Get the cold hard numbers so you can measure your proccess, get on the scales, take your measurements, try on your skinny clothes. If it's for health go outside go for a 1 kilometer run and record your best time, how do you feel? this is a quick and easy fitness gage. Sometimes its a bit of a reality shock!

Make your goal achievable, make ones that your capable of reaching given your available time, job and family commitments ect...

However, the excuse I hear the most is 'Im too Busy' It gets dragged out by everyone, but guess what. We are all busy. People who are regular exercisers are busy, interestingly, often the busiest people in our society are the ones that exercise the most.

Making time for regular exercise and eating healthy and prioritising it into your life is a choice. Recognisising the importance it has on your life; the benefits it makes on your health making you healthier and happyer for yourself and those around you.

Try and apply that thinking to your life and hopefully your new years resolution sticks.

think about your future, what kind of future would excite, move and inspire you?

Here's a few health tips to kickstart your health after the silly season.