Natural Protein bars

While protein bars can be the convenient way to fuel up, some varieties contain a long list of artifitial ingredients.

Try these! the balance of natural energy boosting ingredients make them ahead of time to conveniently fuel yourself snacking on the go!

Roll Up Protein pancake

Your search for a healthy breakfast option is over! Good for you too good to be true protein pancakes! Kick of you're day with a satisfying good for you fuel that will keep you going till lunch time! 

Lia's coconut ice cream

Covered with naturally sweetened chocolate & coated with pistachios or almonds... I swear the one coated with almonds tastes like a magnum!

Lia's Low Carb Carrot Cake

Very easy to make and tastes incredible!

Lemon & Passionfruit Sorbet

This recipe is perfect for summer! tastes delish xxx

Carb Free Bread

This recipe actually tasted pretty good believe it or not! its great to freeze so you can take a piece out as you please, and toasts great!

Balsamic Chicken

How can something so easy taste so good?!

Ketchup Low carb!

Believe it or not, but this recipe honestly tastes like the real deal! its my savior!


They only take 10minutes and they make 24 balls that you can store in the fridge for up to 3 weeks, they only have 4grams of carbs per ball... not too bad.... give them a go!

3 Bean Turkey Chilli

Hearty and filling as chilli con carne? Can that be a healthy option? You bet!

Double cook the quantity its great to freeze!

Lia's favourite way to have her protein shake!!! too good to be true...

Protein Pancakes!

Say what!? Yes there guilt free... Low carb, low fat & delicious :)

I know what Im making on the week end!!

This is my Chicken soup recipe, its great for weight loss perfect to bulk cook and freeze for lunches and dinners. Super tasty and healthy...

Crispy Chicken & nam jim salad

This is another Donna Hay recipe, Ive added it because its another one of my favourites, so give it a try for yourself!

Fish Hotpot with ginger & tomatoes

This is a very tasty recipe, and super healthy!

Handy Frittata, I bulk cook this and freeze it in zip lock bags for week day breakfast's on the go...

Grilled Turkey with avocado chilli salsa

This is a nice recipe for the bbq with friends, light and refreshing.

Healthy Breakfast Museli gluten free

This is a gluten free option for the healthy breakfast cereal option.  Tastes amazing!

Healthy Breakfast Museli

This healthy breakfast museli tastes way too good... its also handy for a snack through the day.

Lemon, Thyme and white whine chicken

This is a Donna Hay recipe, but ive added it as its one of my favourite recipes. Perfect to bulk cook and freeze!

lia’s handy lunch poached chicken

Hey presto low fat juicy succulent chicken on the go! Cut out the crap and lose the fat!!

Very tasty rissoles

*Great recipe to cook double quantity and freeze! 

Pepper-Roasted garlic & lemon chicken

Try this Roast Chicken Recipe, it has the best flavour...

Quiche Muffins

Low carb and low sugar vegetable and bacon quiches.

Seared Sesame Salmon

This recipe is really healthy, you dont even need oil to cook it... this is my favourite recipe of all.

Turkey Rissoles

Hint: You can add different flavours to the rissoles depending on what you feel like. 

Check ou the recipe ive included some options. Bulk cook and great to freeze!

Handy beef rissoles, great to bulk cook and freeze for a healthy filling protein option on the go.

This recipe is cheap, quick and easy... 

And tastes delicious!

*Cook double and freeze or you could take it to work the next day 

Honey Garlic Sesame Chicken

This is my favourite recipe of all, and is great to freeze! its so easy takes to make!

Hoisin Rissoles

Here's an easy meatball recipe thats perfect for freezer cooking!

Dipping Sauce

Naturally swettened dipping sauce

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