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Health and Fitness, and its beneficial effects are well documented today not only on a personal level but within the workplace. More and more companies are turning towards corporate fitness sessions as statistics show that corporate fitness programs can benefit workforces by reducing stress, increase employee happiness, boost energy levels and change a working environment.


Some additional benefits also include:

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduction in Stress and Anxiety Levels

  • Reduction in Medical Claims

  • Reduced employee absence

  • Retain and attract employees

  • Promote an overall better quality of life


Training outdoors in the fresh air has an amazing, uplifting, positive effect on your workforce.

Physical fitness, fun, team games, individual, team and partner work, all form the basis of our sessions.


We understand the needs of a modern workforce and use team building and variety to create a bond between everyone and provide an invigorating and energizing experience for all taking part!


We can customize your program to include anything you wish, from Boot Camps to Boxing, High Intensity Interval Training, Kettlebells, Circuit Training, we adapt to your requirements.

We also cater for team sports sessions, just ask!


We can train you at the nearest park, your office or facilities, or wherever you would like.

We can suggest a suitable location, or if you have somewhere in mind then please tell us!


Our corporate services cover all of Sydney, we come to you and provide all equipment.




  • Firstly you tell us your needs and requirements, what you want, when, where and how often you would like it!

  • Start training with one of our corporate fitness classes and begin transforming your office!


We offer a free corporate consultation, please take a minute to contact us, we will then be in touch shortly to discuss your needs and requirements.

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